How Solar System Works?

Here we have summarized the process of solar-into electricity conversion using photovoltaic cell or panel. However, there are other methods and solar electric systems such as concentrated Concentrating solar power (CSP) systems, Solar Water, and Transpired solar collector which can be used to generate electricity from solar energy.

A photovoltaic cell or system is made of Silicon (semiconductor) having a thin wafer as its surface. A sleek phosphorous-doped silicon layer covers the thick layer of boron-type silicon. This P-N junction is responsible for creating an electric field as soon as the sun-rays fall on the surface of the cell.

Due to the electrical field, the photons convert into electrons and catch the momentum leading to an immediate flow of current (Direct Current) towards the power load or DC to AC inverter connected. This DC is then converted into Alternate Current that is normally used in electrical appliances. This AC is then stored and distributed to the masses through electrical processing equipment.

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