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GreyBeez Pvt. Ltd. EPC channel Partner:

BeGenesis work with EPC solar companies  as a channel partner  with primary focus  on Roof top solar projects.

Types of Solar PV Power Plants 

  • Grid Connected with No Battery Back Up, to reduce energy bill ( Most advisable  and  cost effective )
  • Off Grid System, for remote locations where grid power is not available /feasible

Why Choose  BeGenesis

  • End to End In-House Solar Expertise
  • Best-Fit Solution
  • Agility and  Responsiveness
  • Superior Technology
  • Management Expertise

Solar Plant Installation Process:

The consulting tasks in solar photovoltaic power projects include:

• Site survey, and energy resource assessment.
• Selection of appropriate photovoltaic module and inverter technologies based on technical rationale and Client’s priorities.
• Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR).
• Preparation of technical designs (civil, mechanical and electrical) including drawings, layouts, specifications, etc.
• Guidance to Client for supervision during erection and commissioning of roof top project .
• Project Management Consultancy (PMC).
• Provision of third-party inspection before plant commissioning.
• Training of client personnel for operation and maintenance.

BeGenesis empowering mankind

BeGenesis is Brand of GreyBeez Pvt. ltd. it's core business Vision is to empower youth with updated technology, skills and develop Global competitiveness ,we are a start up organization in the area of global skills development and vocational training landscape. it's mission is to improve the skill level of Indian Youth, promote sustainable growth and develop entrepreneurs and Job creators .